Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Finally, after more than a month since the spot was discovered in my lung, surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. These days have been the 'times that try men's souls' and women's too. Waiting is not my favorite pastime, and we've had more than our share of waiting these last six weeks. The old Army adage was 'hurry up and wait', and that certainly has applied here.

I am so glad that my friend June reminded me of the website for family and friends to keep up with the medical progress of the writer. It's astounding how many 'hits' my site has had, and the number of messages is rewarding, humbling and oh so comforting. Hubby will be posting updates on the site while I'm away from my computer.

I'm sure to miss 'my computer', since my morning routine - for years now - has included checking emails, other blogs, Facebook entries, weather and my bank statement status. When I was hospitalized 22 years ago (gall bladder surgery the old-fashioned way) we had just barely begun to learn computering, so I did not feel so lost without the option of logging on several times a day.

So, today hubby will take me to Baptist East to do the pre-op registration paperwork. My doctor's wonderful nurse faxed me the 10-page questionnaire to complete at home, and take with me today. That should save some time! Tomorrow, at the 'decent' hour of 7:30, I'll go back to the hospital for admission.

This adventure into medical science has cost me the privilege of attending several Christmas parties, and I'll miss several more Events while I'm out-of-pocket. I'm sorry that I won't get to participate in these affairs. I will be back ASAP to blog, email and do all the other amazing things that computers offer.

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Liz said...

We will be waiting, ugh, anxiously for your return...i don't like waiting either:)