Sunday, January 3, 2010

New day, new year, new everything

Hello friends and family.....
I am finally back on my blogspot after the long absence for the hospital jaunt and all that entailed.

It is SO good to be at home again, and though every person I encountered at Baptist East was a caring, gentle and efficient nurse, doctor, attendant, physical therapist or food service person ... they can't hold a candle to my ever-lovin' husband. I can't brag on him enough for his dedication to my welfare at home and also while 'incarcerated' in the hospital. He's learning his way around our kitchen very nicely, too, I might add.

Today was my first time back to Sunday School. I was excited about going, and even tho the Home Health nurse had to come attempt to draw blood first, we got there in plenty of time for the goodies, well-wishes, and the fine lesson our son Philip brought to the class. I would have made a speech (of sorts) to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, CaringBridge messages, etc., the words choked me so I just managed to say Thank You.

I felt sorry for John, the Home Health nurse who came to draw blood. My poor veins have been so poked, prodded, pinched, and otherwise 'used' that they simply do not cooperate willingly now. Nurse John finally ended up with a small sample and I hope that was sufficient for a reading by the lab (or whoever gets it next).

Again, thanks to everyone who has been praying and contacting us via CaringBridge. It is a wonderful feeling to be so loved.

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Liz said...

Yeah! So glad to read your post. Fantastic that you were able to get to church, you are making such great progress!!