Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After....

What a wonderful family we have ! I am continually amazed at our large group of children and grandchildren. Each one is SO special in his or her own way. Each one is loving and caring, and goes the extra mile to make our family gatherings a happy time. Sometimes, and yesterday was no exception, some of the grandchildren are unable to be here - but we understand that distances complicate plans. They're all with us in spirit, if not actual presence.

Thanksgiving Dinner was no exception ! Each group brought loads of delicious food to share, and took care of all the logistics of the meal. Lots of conversation, laughter, and sharing of stories during the dinnertime made it even more enjoyable. Then the kitchen was miraculously cleaned, sorted and put away by these same wonderful children. We are SO blessed !

As our clan increased in wisdom and stature, we gave up trying to have a formal seated dinner a long time ago, so we spill over into three or four rooms at our house, with the large dining room table serving as the center. Some of us gather there, while tables are set up in the den and guest room. We all gather for the Blessing of the meal, and then find a spot... whatever works. It's hard to keep up with all the conversations going simultaneously, but it's a JOY to try.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anniversary # 59

Yep, today - November 21, 2009 - is the 59th anniversary of our wedding, Alan's and mine, at the Collierville Methodist Church... so long ago that it was before the Methodist and United Brethren churches merged. ! Amazing how fast those years have seemed to fly by.

A friend asked for my 'secret'. I have no secret and no easy answer to a question about marriage longevity like that. As Alan said, even though there have been a few bumps in the road, we've had quite a ride !!!

Today was our DAR Chapter meeting, so I took my HODAR Alan along - one way to 'celebrate'...right? (Husband Of a DAR) I think he enjoyed our speaker as much as the ladies did. An active member of the Sons of the American Revolution and practicing attorney who loves history and genealogy, Mr. Morgan was an excellent speaker on 'Our Founding Fathers'. We had a good attendance for the meeting, and were delighted to welcome several visitors as well as the members.

In other news, the appointments I have mentioned in previous posts have resulted in yet another visit this coming Monday with yet another doctor... this time a cardiovascular surgeon, to find out when a lung resection will be scheduled. The kind of spot (yes, it is malignant) revealed by the needle biopsy is one that responds well to surgery, so I am thankful for all the modern technology that is available to determine what is there in my lung, and to do something about it.

That said, I have created a web page on '' that will attempt to keep all our family, extended family and a multitude of friends informed on a fairly regular basis about my progress in healing and bouncing back.

Thanksgiving week is not the optimum time for something as drastic as surgery, but we'll find out on Monday and go from there.

IF everyone comes, we expect all 28 of our family to be at our house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Our children bring almost everything for the meal, so I don't have to do ALL the cooking ! What a lovely blessing this is.!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Veterans Day and more

The Veterans Day, November 11 at 11 a.m., ceremony at the Doughboy Statue in Overton Park was very nice. Sponsored by the Memphis-Shelby County Regents Council DAR and the Veterans groups, the pagentry was breathtaking. The weather cooperated perfectly and those who attended were impressed with the whole thing. Just wish more citizens would see fit to honor the thousands who sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

Thursday's appointment with the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Baptist Hospital East, in Memphis, was Early... by the time we left our house and returned that late afternoon - almost 10 hours had elapsed. The Needle Biopsy on my lung was not painful, but exhausting. Having to lay on my stomach for the whole procedure time, arms stretched above my head, inhaling and exhaling on command... oh my. I was stiff and tired when it was completed. Then to have a mandatory bed rest for Four more hours (unexpected) was just about the last straw. Results will not be known until the middle of next week. More waiting. Every person we encountered at the Hospital was more than helpful, friendly and knowledgeable...and greatly appreciated.

These past two days of "take it easy and do not drive" has been a burden, but I found out pretty quickly, after my shower today, why that 'order' was issued. Weakness -- from all the strain, tension and stress -- has been slow to overcome.

This 'procedure' has totally upset my normal Busy routine, too, and I'm not real happy about missing the Book Store shift as well as a lovely luncheon meeting today. I'll just have to deal with it, though, since I couldn't do everything.

Next week will be busy too, and I hope to be able to pace myself accordingly. Sure hate to miss being outdoors during all these gorgeous fall days. So many leaves that could be raked, or blown..and sunshine to enjoy. Maybe next week!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful week ?

What a totally Strange way to spend the nicest 'weather week' we've had in a long time.!
Last week was busy, as always, with a variety of things to do and to accomplish, so I did not need to get waylaid by a trip to the ER to see why my heart kept pounding so hard on Monday. A crew of excellent nurses and doctor soon resolved the heart part of the problem, but found another one that would require further treatment.

Saw my lung doctor on Tuesday, as a 'work in', which meant I got to see her, but after a long wait. Another appointment this coming week was the determination for that visit.

In the meantime, the Friends meeting was busy and full, with the election of a new slate of officers. We wish them all well, and smoothe sailing during the transition and their two-year term of office. The organization and its big project - Friends Again Book Store - are in Good hands, just like they have been with previous leaders.

A second opinion for my sister's cataracts was much more comforting then the 'first opinion', so no immediate action is required. That's a relief. She and I had a lovely lunch at a local Italian restaurant, and enjoyed the ambiance as well as the delicious soups and salads. Oh my... I read somewhere that if you eat an Italian meal you're not hungry again for four or five days. That's almost Correct!

Starting a little on Thursday evening, after a demanding Alumni meeting, and flowering full on Friday evening, I was in the throes of chills and fever. My doctor called in an antibiotic for me, which was a blessing, and I spent the rest of the weekend feeling perfectly terrible.
Glad to report that 'things' are almost back to normal by Monday morning.

It has been so long since I 've been Sick, that I couldn't remember what kind of antibiotic I respond well to, with the doctor asked ! Amazing !

I need to keep on improving - fast - since this is going to be another 'busy' week. Are there any other kinds?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

The newspaper today has a long article about the month of October - the Wettest on record with more than 10 inches of rainfall. The writer expounded on the loss of soybean crops, which molded in the fields, and the overall effects of the rainfall in September AND October.

Frankly I am Tired of talking about (and experiencing) the weather, except to say that it is a joy and a relief to read the current forecast: Sunshine for the next several days. ! Imagine that ! I just hope those people have their acts together now, and that they will be accurate in their prognostications.

Working at the Book Store on Thursday was such fun, with my good friend sitting in with me in Lou's absence. Lou continues to monitor and serve her husband's needs at the hospital, where she keeps a positive attitude that he WILL get better.

My friend, and the others who came and lingered, made the three-hour shift go fast -- much faster than when I am soloing in that position. Thanks, girls! You are the best.

Friday's plans were changed or cancelled right and left as more than two inches of rain kept coming and coming. It was just too miserable to venture outside our warm and cozy home. Much reading substituted for the planned but changed errands. Since Monday will be sunny, those things will be caught up and completed, if nothing else happens, that is.

Reading another Joanna Fluke novel yesterday, I came upon a delicious sounding recipe for Quiche. Think lightbulb over my head (if I were drawing a cartoon). Off to the kitchen I went!
All I needed for a yummy quiche for our supper was in the frig or pantry, so I put it all together and we had a "Tasty" supper! My variation on an idea turned out quite well. When asked for the recipe (online) I had to admit to being 'one of those cooks' who create and invent as I go along. The finished product recipe bore a vague resemblance to the recipe in the novel which gave me the idea in the first place. The leftover portion will be zapped for our lunch (or supper) today.