Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful week ?

What a totally Strange way to spend the nicest 'weather week' we've had in a long time.!
Last week was busy, as always, with a variety of things to do and to accomplish, so I did not need to get waylaid by a trip to the ER to see why my heart kept pounding so hard on Monday. A crew of excellent nurses and doctor soon resolved the heart part of the problem, but found another one that would require further treatment.

Saw my lung doctor on Tuesday, as a 'work in', which meant I got to see her, but after a long wait. Another appointment this coming week was the determination for that visit.

In the meantime, the Friends meeting was busy and full, with the election of a new slate of officers. We wish them all well, and smoothe sailing during the transition and their two-year term of office. The organization and its big project - Friends Again Book Store - are in Good hands, just like they have been with previous leaders.

A second opinion for my sister's cataracts was much more comforting then the 'first opinion', so no immediate action is required. That's a relief. She and I had a lovely lunch at a local Italian restaurant, and enjoyed the ambiance as well as the delicious soups and salads. Oh my... I read somewhere that if you eat an Italian meal you're not hungry again for four or five days. That's almost Correct!

Starting a little on Thursday evening, after a demanding Alumni meeting, and flowering full on Friday evening, I was in the throes of chills and fever. My doctor called in an antibiotic for me, which was a blessing, and I spent the rest of the weekend feeling perfectly terrible.
Glad to report that 'things' are almost back to normal by Monday morning.

It has been so long since I 've been Sick, that I couldn't remember what kind of antibiotic I respond well to, with the doctor asked ! Amazing !

I need to keep on improving - fast - since this is going to be another 'busy' week. Are there any other kinds?

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