Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anniversary # 59

Yep, today - November 21, 2009 - is the 59th anniversary of our wedding, Alan's and mine, at the Collierville Methodist Church... so long ago that it was before the Methodist and United Brethren churches merged. ! Amazing how fast those years have seemed to fly by.

A friend asked for my 'secret'. I have no secret and no easy answer to a question about marriage longevity like that. As Alan said, even though there have been a few bumps in the road, we've had quite a ride !!!

Today was our DAR Chapter meeting, so I took my HODAR Alan along - one way to 'celebrate'...right? (Husband Of a DAR) I think he enjoyed our speaker as much as the ladies did. An active member of the Sons of the American Revolution and practicing attorney who loves history and genealogy, Mr. Morgan was an excellent speaker on 'Our Founding Fathers'. We had a good attendance for the meeting, and were delighted to welcome several visitors as well as the members.

In other news, the appointments I have mentioned in previous posts have resulted in yet another visit this coming Monday with yet another doctor... this time a cardiovascular surgeon, to find out when a lung resection will be scheduled. The kind of spot (yes, it is malignant) revealed by the needle biopsy is one that responds well to surgery, so I am thankful for all the modern technology that is available to determine what is there in my lung, and to do something about it.

That said, I have created a web page on '' that will attempt to keep all our family, extended family and a multitude of friends informed on a fairly regular basis about my progress in healing and bouncing back.

Thanksgiving week is not the optimum time for something as drastic as surgery, but we'll find out on Monday and go from there.

IF everyone comes, we expect all 28 of our family to be at our house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Our children bring almost everything for the meal, so I don't have to do ALL the cooking ! What a lovely blessing this is.!

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Liz said...

Happy Anniversary! The girls and I were talking wedding dresses the other day and I mentioned the story of yours...I love wedding dress stories:)

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!