Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

The newspaper today has a long article about the month of October - the Wettest on record with more than 10 inches of rainfall. The writer expounded on the loss of soybean crops, which molded in the fields, and the overall effects of the rainfall in September AND October.

Frankly I am Tired of talking about (and experiencing) the weather, except to say that it is a joy and a relief to read the current forecast: Sunshine for the next several days. ! Imagine that ! I just hope those people have their acts together now, and that they will be accurate in their prognostications.

Working at the Book Store on Thursday was such fun, with my good friend sitting in with me in Lou's absence. Lou continues to monitor and serve her husband's needs at the hospital, where she keeps a positive attitude that he WILL get better.

My friend, and the others who came and lingered, made the three-hour shift go fast -- much faster than when I am soloing in that position. Thanks, girls! You are the best.

Friday's plans were changed or cancelled right and left as more than two inches of rain kept coming and coming. It was just too miserable to venture outside our warm and cozy home. Much reading substituted for the planned but changed errands. Since Monday will be sunny, those things will be caught up and completed, if nothing else happens, that is.

Reading another Joanna Fluke novel yesterday, I came upon a delicious sounding recipe for Quiche. Think lightbulb over my head (if I were drawing a cartoon). Off to the kitchen I went!
All I needed for a yummy quiche for our supper was in the frig or pantry, so I put it all together and we had a "Tasty" supper! My variation on an idea turned out quite well. When asked for the recipe (online) I had to admit to being 'one of those cooks' who create and invent as I go along. The finished product recipe bore a vague resemblance to the recipe in the novel which gave me the idea in the first place. The leftover portion will be zapped for our lunch (or supper) today.

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Liz said...

Guess what is on our menu for this week....QUICHE! You inspired me:)