Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catchin' up....

Since I last posted, we've had more rain.... and More Rain. But today was a gloriously brilliant sunny day with crystal skies that reminded me of those vivid blues in Colorado skies ! Really Awesome.

Last week was so full and busy it's hard to even recall everything that was going on. One outstanding program was the club meeting speaker- the head person for Memphis Heritage, a preservation group of citizens who work hard at preserving the history and heritage of the city, it's historic buildings and neighborhoods. They have succeeded many times, but never let down the vigilance against encroaching commercialism. There's always one more 'battle' to mount. Why so many people simply do not realize the importance of history and heritage is a mystery. What's that quotation - those who do not learn from their history are bound to repeat it? Or words to that effect.

That meeting was an exciting one in itself, with two new young members introduced and the detailed plans for the upcoming Christmas Home Tour developed and explained to the membership. Every member will have a part in this venture, whether it's serving as a hostess at one of the four homes in the Historic District of our town, or providing refreshments, and items for the Gift Shoppe. Each member will be selling tickets, and I'm pleased with how fast those tickets are being requested ! I look forward to seeing the publicity that will run in the local newspaper soon.

Word about my college friend and her condition following that stroke has not been good. An update from her sister let me know the current and the prognosis. We can only hope that Lula will soon be able to communicate to some degree, in spite of the paralysis that is evident.

The husband of another friend is hospitalized, in the intensive care unit, with pneumonia. His overall health is not the best to begin with, and this infection hit hard. My friend is getting help from their sons, and excellent medical care.

A pleasant trip to Holly Springs was on the calendar for Saturday last week. That meeting was poorly attended, but we enjoyed seeing the members who were there, followed by lunch at our favorite restaurant on the Square. Holly Springs is planning a Christmas Home Tour too, but theirs is much more elaborate than ours. They include several programs during the two-day event and finish with a Dinner Theater on the last evening. Their group has been doing home tours for many years, so it's not surprising that they are so well organized.

In spite of a steady downpour on Tuesday, my sister and I managed to get to the clubhouse where we were hostesses with another friend for the women's club. The casserole that I made for our luncheon turned out very well, and everyone was complimentary. Along with salad and delicous rolls, plus homemade angel food cake and ice cream for dessert, we had a tasty meal.
We got soaked getting back home again - loading the car with the things I took in addition to the casserole. It was several hours before my raincoat and shoes were dry again.

A friend asked me to help with a computer problem, and I had a very rare free block of time this morning so I went to her house to see what I could do. Between us we managed to solve that particular problem successfully ! It's always gratifying when things work right. I stayed to visit another hour or so, and found that we have so many things in common that we could have talked all day long !

But that was not to be, since my sister's appointment for her eye exam was right after lunch. I took her in to the doctor's office where the examination showed that the cataracts had progressed to the point of needing to be removed. What a blow! She'll have to decide when and if to go ahead with that surgery... coordinating her calendar with mine.... not an easy task.

Now it's Book Store time again, tomorrow, and I look forward to another Rainy Thursday. The weather does not seem to deter patrons from visiting the Library and the Book Store, though, and that's Good ! Maybe a rainy day makes folks want to come get a good book or two, so they can curl up and read while ignoring the downpours!

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