Thursday, October 22, 2009

Problems, Solutions and more....

On a very positive note this morning, the sun came out and was oh so welcome for a couple of days. Amazing what a difference a day makes, huh? "The Fall" on Sunday resulted in an extremely painful twisted right knee - for the rest of the evening. BUT after remembering a prescription on hand for a powerful pain-killer, everything got better. Amazing what a good night's sleep will do for the soul and the body!

So it's back to the treadmill of daily activities, duties and responsibilities. Granted, I'm going a bit slower on said 'treadmill', and being extra cautious about where my feet go, so that the rest of me will stay upright -- but my calendar is still pretty full and I'm checking off my to-d0 list pretty well. (Too bad there are several items missing from that list, like balancing the previously mentioned checkbook, and making some overdue phone calls. But all in good time - she says.)

Word from our mutual friend yesterday that a college friend has suffered a debilitating stroke and is in ICU at a local hospital put a real damper on my spirits. We are the same age, but Lula has had many more health problems than I in the same number of years. I wish there was something someone could do to make it all go away for her. As our mutual friend said, 'there are things much worse than death'... and that kind of stroke is the main one. Lula's doctors give her family very little hope, and that's so hard to accept.

We have attended the visitations for three friends recently, to visit with those family members and express our sorrow in person. It's hard to lost friends, especially when their deaths were largely unexpected.

Yesterday our woman's club had a speaker from the local Heritage Preservation society in the city, and she showed slides of some memory-provoking scenes of that city. Chatting after the meeting, we found so many mutual friends and possible relatives that we vowed to talk more when time allowed.

The meeting was a full and busy one, and lasted half-again longer than our usual monthly session. No problem. With our club's big fund-raiser coming in about 6 weeks, there is So much to do in the preparation, publicity and planning that it almost boggles the mind. Tickets and brochures are ready and available. Just ask any club member, or check with several businesses on the Square. The proceeds from the Christmas Home Tour will help provide our club's funding for donations to several local organizations, all worthy of our support.

I'm taking a rare 'day off' from my favorite responsibility today - the Book Store - in order to go with Hubby to the Chamber of Commerce's Business Expo at the Community Center. We make this an annual event, and enjoy browsing the 150+ booths displaying the local business ventures. We always find lots of folks to chat with, so the 'browsing' takes a full morning. Many thanks to friends for filling in for me at the Book Store. I do plan to stop by and check on things after we leave the Expo. Hubby said he was not surprised at that idea, since "you can't stay away from the Book Store, can you?" Right !

Now that the day is beginning dawn, I must get on with today's 'business'. Why I keep waking up too early is beyond me. I need to sleep longer, but many days it just doesn't happen. Two very good books by favorite authors, Linda Lael Miller and Linda Howard, have claimed my reading/rest time each afternoon. Those can't-put-down novels have been So good that I don't even think about napping, but keep on reading and reading.

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