Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Week that WAS

I thought last Monday was enough to last all week, but I was premature in my thinking (hoping).
The rest of the week was fraught with 'problems' including the totally unexpected death of our daughter-in-law's Mother in Iuka MS. This was a shock to all of Louise's family and friends.
We grieve with them.

The water line break created a nightmare from the Billing department in our Town. More than double our normal 'amount due'. I took the required letter and plumber's bill to Town Hall, but got no encouragement about any kind of adjustment.

Computer problems Tuesday-Wednesday and part of Thursday kept hubby in a state of frustration. By this weekend, they seem to be resolved - up to a point.

Charlotte and I went to the visitation at the Funeral Home on Thursday evening for our UMW friend's mother. Another unexpected passing.

Friday, son Paul drove us in our van to the Iuka MS Funeral Home for Louise's visitation. She was a lovely lady and will be sorely missed. We saw some clear skies in Mississippi - amazing! We appreciated the chauffeuring, since that 91-mile-each-way drive would have hard on us.

At last the monsoon season seems to be just about over, and a cold front or two have gone through, dropping the temps and making it seem like Fall was totally overlooked this year.
Crazy weather.

My 79th birthday (Friday) kinda got lost in the shuffle this week, except for Friends at the Book Store Thursday who brightened my day considerably with their pop-in visit, cards and nice gifts! These friends are dear to me, and I was surprised and very pleased.

We were saddened again by the passing of yet another friend from Church. Her visitation will be Monday evening.

We're looking forward to the Metro Choir Festival today at our church, with 8 or 10 visiting choirs performing. The finale, when ALL the choirs sing together, is always outstandingly beautiful.


Liz said...

Oh my, when you put all the events in a list like that, it is quite overwhelming. And now knowing that you wrenched your knee after you wrote it....Other than your birthday, it may best be a week forgotten! Hope the sunny skies we are supposed to enjoy over the next few days bring better 'things' with them as well.

Anne's BLOG said...

Thanks Liz. I'm beginning to doubt the saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I'm thinking that those things that 'don't kill me' are serving to sap and drain a lot of energy and stamina instead of making me stronger. Oh well... the sun IS shining, and 'things' will get better....