Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thinking out loud

Driving east up the street this early morning, I was awed by the sun trying to shine through layers of gray clouds. The scene was beautiful. I don't often get out that early, so it's a 'different world' when I happen to see the sun rising...clouds or not. Maybe those clouds will move on out and give us a relief from the rain that kept Sunday in such a gray gloom. One would think we'd had quite enough precip in this area - thank you very much - but our druthers don't make much impact on Nature....sad to say.

Speaking of Nature.... the current craze to Go Green is affecting just about everyone one way or another. A group of ladies at church have latched on to the idea, and are 'going green' by eliminating the use of paper and plastic for serving refreshments at meetings. Instead, stoneware plates are taking the place of paper. Nice, but heavy to carry around. BUT how do you figure the 'savings' when those plates have to be washed (water, electricity for the dishwasher, labor) and stored for the next usage? Mugs for coffee in lieu of paper cups... same 'argument'. BUT I notice that we still have plastic forks and spoons and paper napkins. Go figure.

Yesterday's meeting speakers brought two potted plants for a drawing, and the recipients both have October birthdays - me and another lady ! What a lovely surprise for an 'early birthday present'. The yellow mums are such a cheerful addition to our dining room table! We'll enjoy them for a long time.

All the Friends of the Library are looking forward to hearing the numbers from the Fall Book Sale at our meeting today. Donations have been down for several weeks, resulting in fewer books to offer at the sale, so it will be interesting to learn how we did on the 'bottom line'. ALL proceeds from the sale benefit the Library in one way or another.

This is Homecoming week at the High School. The Alumni Tent will be set up for Reunion Groups at the football game Friday night. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the weather, but as of now, the forecast is for more rain and possible thunderstorms. Not the best idea for an outdoor gathering of any kind. Homecoming is always fun - no matter how long you've been 'out of school' --would you believe 60+ years ? !!!. It's always fun to see old friends and renew friendships at Homecoming.

Tuesday's National Neighborhood Night Out was cancelled in our town due to the weather -Rain. Same thing happened last year. But the year before, when the NNO was held in August, the designated day for the event turned out to be a scorcher... I don't think I've ever been as hot as when I was helping host the event at my sister's house - on the patio. Even thought we brought out box fans to stir the air, it was still quite uncomfortable. We had a good turnout, though, even so.

Keep smiling! People will wonder what you're up to !

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