Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow? Ho ho!

Yes, we watched the flurries of snow come down and cover the ground this morning. It was so pretty - while it lasted. After the new President's Inaugural Address was finished, I looked outside again and the snow was almost all gone ! The ground is brown -- again. We did have a few more flakes swirling around a while ago, but it doesn't look like we'll get anything worth talking about today.

I went to my old digital camera to capture the elusive beauty of the snow on the nandina berries... but the battery needed recharging. By the time that was accomplished it was too late and the snow was gone. I didn't pick up my newer Kodak digital because the Inauguration was in full swing by then. Oh well. I have other 'snow pictures' in my collection. And winter is far from over yet.

Our "Old" friend Willie Mae and her other family members were included in a newspaper article this morning which assures me that 102-year-old Willie Mae did indeed get to Washington, and was located by our Representative who ushered her group into the warmth indoors. It was cold in D.C. today, so I was glad to know this.

A funny thing happened at the Book Store the other day. I was reminding my partner on how to ring up a sale on the cash register. After she plugged in the number of books and the category, I said, "Now, Enter...." and the friends in the store all laughed. I guess that tells how much time I spend at the Computer, doesn't it? The sale, by the way, was accomplished when my partner completed the process by pressing the Total key.

DAR reports work took most of the morning, so I've at least made dent in the process. I'm excited to report FOUR new members this year plus another one who transferred to our chapter. There's Much more to be done on the report forms, but I also have to attend to a few other matters in the meantime - like laundry. :-(


Liz said...

Love the bookstore moment....I often think that same way:) Use terminology for one thing with something unrelated!

I didn't get any snow pictures yesterday either. In a way, I hope that isn't the 'snow' we get for this year. Seems like we get more accumulation in Feb or March.

Wasn't the Inauguration amazing. All those people. It was very exciting to watch on TV. I can't imagine the thrill of being there. I hope you get to talk to Etta Mae about it when she returns home. What a great article that would be for Joan to cover!!

Liz said...

oops...Willie Mae...I keep hearing that Etta James song in my head from the balls last night! I have Etta on the brain!!