Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrapping up another Cold Week

We ought to quit being surprised when we have snow and other areas have dreadful ice storms. After all, it IS January - almost February already. But this week has been another one of those rollercoaster ones, with a variety of weather conditions - mainly Cold. A pretty snow closed the area schools on Wednesday, and gave the kids a great day for outdoor fun. One time, when we had a 'nice' snowfall, I made a snowman all by myself. This time I just settled for throwing several handsful of the white stuff at hubby while we cleaned snow off my car, so we could go grocery shopping.

I've been watching the conditions at airports in other areas, wondering if our friend was able to travel without delays or other problems. A gratefully received email mid-week assured me that she reached her destination safely and anticipated no return-trip problems.

This has been a good week for procrastinating - putting off doing things I should have completed before now. But with the excuse of 'staying warm', I snuggled up under a fleece throw and read.
I even brought home another couple of books from my shift at the book store, to add to the stack of waiting-to-be-read paperbacks. Hubby read me an article he found on the internet about the percentages of the population who read, or did not read, books and magazines. I was astounded at those figures. Being an avid reader, I can't imagine so many people professing to have read NO Books since they got out of school. Whether it's reading fiction for escapism, or non-fiction to increase one's knowledge, the world of books is so wonderful and so full of so many things!

I hope our granddaughter had a wonderful birthday in Paris. We'll be eager to hear about what she did to celebrate yesterday as she turned 23! Another friend's daughter will celebrate her birthday today in Scotland, where she now lives. The world has shrunk so much in our lifetimes, it's simply amazing. I just sent an email to our relatives in Hawaii. They'll find it on their computers in a matter of minutes - whether they respond or not. Regular letters in the mail would take several days to go that far !

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