Friday, February 6, 2009

Another week - almost gone

Another week is almost complete, with 'something to do' every day. My calendar just stays that way almost all the time. Those rare days - when the block for the day has nothing written on it - are precious to me whether I use them productively or just squander the time.

I am glad to be finished with all the reports that had to be mailed on or before deadline. While that is a 'dreaded' job, it's also a rewarding one as we review the year's work and, hopefully, progress. One more item remains to be finished: the Regent's Annual Letter. This will be a narrative summary of the same work reported on the other forms, but is limited to 250 words. That requires extra diligence to eliminate superfluous words, tighten up the paragraphs and get the message across.

Our town's new Mayor was the guest speaker at our Friends meeting the other day. He gave an interesting talk, and fielded some thought-provoking questions. I have every confidence that he will be an excellent leader, and will actually listen to his constituents. Too bad we don't feel the same rapport with 'leaders' in other areas of 'government'.

It's always fun to serve my volunteer time at the Book Store. The people who come in are generally willing to stay and visit a while as they browse the great selection of used books we offer. Occasionally we'll see an old friend who we haven't seen in a long time, and that's always a nice treat. Sometimes there will be somebody who knows somebody we know - so we connect that way. My shift was particularly busy this week, with quite a few young mothers bringing their small children in to check on the 'children's section'. Then a flurry of adults stopped by before and after another meeting at the Library. Folks are still coming in to see the White House Gardens exhibit. The films shown in connection with the exhibit have been excellent. Part 2 of "The Presidents' Wives" was as interesting as the first part. I'm looking forward to the final film, which is scheduled for next week.

We were saddened by the sudden, unexpected death of another long-time DAR friend. She had just had her 81st birthday with her family, and was 'feeling fine' at the dinner. She will be sorely missed in all circles.

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