Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Snow

After a fairly quiet week, we're getting the predicted SNOW this afternoon! We had a lot of rain earlier, preceeding the dramatic temperature drop, which caused the change in the composition of the falling moisture.

Getting back to the Book Store was fun, even though I didn't even attempt to work the whole shift time. Seeing so many Friends while there was uplifting, after missing them for two weeks! And the same day, I attended the meeting of the Board of Directors for the Magnolia Cemetery Lotholders Association. That was a good time to see several other friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Hubby insisted that we attend the local theater production of "To Kill a Mockingbird" that same evening, so I had the 'fullest day' yet -- all in one.
The play was very good, and received a fairly good review in the newspaper the next day. Now we'll both reread Harper Lee's book to refresh our memories of the whole classic story.

I have picked buttercups (aka jonquils/daffodils) several times this week, keeping a colorful and cheerful bouquet of the regular size blossoms as well as my favorite minatures on the dining room table. Now the ones still in the yard may be covered up with snow in just a little while - at the rate it's coming down. Not to worry, though, since the flowers are quite resilient and hardy. I've seen them covered in several Inches of snow in other years, only to perk right back up when the snow melts.

An interesting piece of mail yesterday brought two pictures of Marshall County MS groups, a church and a school, both dating from the early 1900s. They'll be included in the next issue of the quarterly newsletter for the Marshall County Genealogical Society.

A phone call yesterday opened a whole new area of interest, when the caller described her frustrating search for her father's family genealogy. I offered every avenue I could think of for research, but she's already tried all of those places without any luck.

Another researcher came to the MCGS meeting this morning, describing his beginning search for his father's family. He wants to find the lineages before their family reunion this summer.

The internet offers many sources for research these days, and it can get to be a time-consuming passion (addiction) in short order. This visitor was advised to "start with what you know" and then use Family Bibles, the Census records and sources of that nature to dig deeper into the family history. Documentation is vital for 'proving' that your discoveries are factual and authentic and not just someone's assumptions or conjecture.

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Liz said...

I read Jessica's sad and horrible for all of them. My heart just breaks when I hear news of cancer in a child.