Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday - too early

Since my last post it's been a very quiet week - for me. Doing very little, going almost nowhere and beginning to 'crawl the wall'. Maybe a good rest was needed, but enough is enough.

I had not been hospitalized for over 20 years, and then it was for a serious gall bladder surgery - the old-fashioned way. I stayed 8 days that time. Prior to that exerience, my hospital visits were to give birth - five times.

The local hospital is excellent, a great place to go if you need to be in a hospital. BUT it is not a place for R & R. Tests of all kinds, including a chemical stress test in the Nuclear medicine section, were exhausting. Seems like every time I almost relaxed, a nurse was there to add another pole or bag of something to drip from the existing pole, or take blood, or check my vitals. Even in the middle of the night, they made their appointed rounds.

I remember thinking that one very attractive middle-of-the-night nurse had beautiful dark braids hanging down her shirt front. I admired her hair style -- until I realized that she was actually wearing a ponytail, and the 'braids'were her stethoscope hanging around her neck.

But that is all behind me now, and the one prescription I brought home seems to be doing its job of keeping the 'fluttering' in check. At least that's the way the ER doctor described what my heart was doing. Instead of a steady pumping action, it was 'fluttering'.

So this week, instead of going somewhere every day, I have limited my activities to one mid-week meeting and one more tomorrow - a luncheon. The forecast is not as nice as I would have wanted for tomorrow, with cold rain and a slight possibility of some snow (NOT MUCH the TV weatherman said). I just hope everyone will be able to come to the luncheon as planned, without interference from the sky.

I finished two good books this week, and wished each one would have been longer. Anne Rivers Siddons always captures my imagination and keep me enthralled from her first pages. The other novel was a new-to-me author and an interesting story.
I need to get back to the Used Book Store soon, to replenish my supply of reading materials. I really missed my volunteer hours at the Book Store this week, but Friends covered for me. I fully intend to be back in gear next week!

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