Monday, April 6, 2009

Mutual friends

I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting a new old friend last weekend at a DAR-connected meeting. She is new to me, but I've heard of her for several years in relation to DAR project activities.
Learning her name, I introduced myself and immediately we connected! She formerly taught at the school three of my grandchildren attended, and she knows them all. She also knows their mother, and admires Pam greatly.
It's always fun to meet someone who knows the same folks I do, and especially when they're my relatives. That gives us 'mutual friends' automatically.

The meeting took place in a new-to-me Library in another part of the county. I was amazed at the size and scope of that building, and once inside I was overwhelmed with the busyness of the whole place. Granted the parking lot was pretty full, but I really didn't expect to see that much indoor activity on a beutiful spring Saturday afternoon.

The traffic on Germantown Parkway was horrendous on Saturday afternoon, so I chose a different route for my return trip. Traveling that way was a revelation, too. I didn't realize how much building and growth has taken place in that part of the county. No wonder that Library was built with such enormous dimensions. It serves a huge segment of the population. The meeting and my return trip took longer than I expected, and hubby was 'just beginning to worry' when I walked in the front door.

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