Monday, April 27, 2009

This week

Seems like everybody is being afflicted in one way or another this spring... now the gov't is warning about the Swine Flu... what next? Pollen has been bad this month. Probably no worse than last year at the same time, but it seems like my dark green car has been 'yellow' longer. (I should get out and wash it, or at least hose it down, but I never seem to remember until I'm headed out to go somewhere, and then there's no time....).

Last week was a perfect spring week - weatherwise. Balmy days and mild nights, with breezes that could more rightly be described as Winds... keeping our windchimes singing all day and night. It has been a 'open door week' all week, but alas, this is changing now, even as I speak. The high of 85 yesterday and Saturday won't be reached again until the coming weekend. Rain is predicted, starting tonight and lasting for several days (depending, of course, of which TV weather forecast you listen to).

Rain is the Last thing I want or need for Tuesday, when about 12 or 13 women will converge on our house for the woman's club meeting and luncheon. About half of our group use walkers or canes to aid mobility, and they will all have trouble enough climbing the steps to get in... no matter which door they use. Rain won't help the problem (though it might settle some of the pollen dust, for a change).

We went to Holly Springs on Saturday for the Marshall Co. Gen. Soc. meeting. We enjoyed the drive down and back, and lunch at the restaurant on the Square was good, as always. Everyone says the Newsletter just 'keeps getting better and better', and I'm gratified that it's so well received.

This coming Saturday, May 2nd, is a Bridal Shower for our granddaughter, given by the ladies of the church in Jackson she has attended and loved while she's been living there.

I have complained, for years, that there are not enough Saturdays in April and May to accomodate all the activities that take place... in which I'm involved. I am not alone in wishing this, though. Others have expressed the same idea.

Now I will have a Full day today, getting ready for the Club meeting tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed that the friends will be able to come in between showers - if we should be so lucky!

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