Thursday, April 2, 2009

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la...

Gilbert and Sullivan had the right idea when they wrote that song... '...bring promise of merry sunshine'. (The Mikado)

Our weather forecast for today is less than optimistic, Gilbert and Sullivan notwithstanding. We'll wait and see. Hubby's friend just called from Minnesota saying the TV shows tornadoes possible for our area today, and the friend was worried about it. I hope his fears are unfounded! I don't see anything like that on the weather map I consulted. Yet.

I keep enjoying all the beautiful flowers that are blooming now - the vinca, wisteria,azaleas,lingering red bud tree blossoms, whitening dogwood blooms, and all those other flowering trees that I mentioned the other day.

We lost a huge hedge of wisteria to the renovation/reconstruction next door last year. I miss those beautiful cascading showers of lavender! We do still have a few vines on the other side of the yard, in the fence row, and they're beginning to show color - but nothing could compare with what was on the west side of our property.
The neighbors' azaleas and tulips almost make up for the loss of wisteria. Those azaleas in both neighbors' yards are magnificent. We also lost a late-blooming azalea plant to our new driveway installation. I'll replace that bush sometime. It's encouraging to see the old hydrangea bush at our back steps putting out new green. The mate to that bush succumbed to the deep freeze of winter-before-last. I kept hoping it could come back from the roots, but it did not. These bushes were ones that my grandmother planted and nurtured during her lifetime in this same old house.

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