Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In a novel or movie, no matter how complicated the plot becomes, the author or director always manages to untangle the webs and smooth out the bumps and lumps for a reasonably happy ending. LIFE, however, is not always that way.

I have stewed and fretted until I was even dreaming about the dilemma we faced, and nothing helped. No simple solution, no 'happy ending' either.

The long wished-for Clones haven't been devised yet, so when the situation developed requiring our presence in two different places at the same identical time - one close by, the other about a 40-minute drive away - there was no way to choose. Both graduations were equally important to us and to our family groups. Oh Woe.

I have grieved over missing both of the grandsons' graduation ceremonies and maybe someday I'll "get over it". But it's still too raw a hurt now. Missing not only the actual being there for them (and for me), but the related celebrations that followed.

So, as they say, Life goes on.... But I still keep wishing there had been some simple solution to the problem.

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Liz said...

Did you not go to either? Oh no!