Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Life does go on, as I suggested in my last post, and for me it's been an adventure in reading, watching rain fall, and attending to routine matters.

Thanks to my friend who found me a collection of Karen Robards paperbacks at the Book Store, I've 'traveled' from London to New Orleans, to Nevada in the 1800s, Middle Tennessee and surrounds and have several more 'journeys' ahead. I am really enjoying these rainy days since they afford a lot of reading time when we can't get out in the yard for long overdue mowing and pruning.

"Summer is acomin' in..." with some hesitation, it seems, this year. The 'scattered afternoon thunderstorms' have kept the temps below 90 most of the time, even though the humidity has exceeded that mark almost daily. We have not yet relented to turn on the air-conditioning, so everything inside and out is pretty soggy. The breezes are much too nice to close off, so our doors stay open until bedtime every day. One nice thing about all this rain is that the dust gets washed off our vehicles almost daily. Yes, we do get an accumulation of dust - in between showers.

Our clubs and organizations are winding down for the season to recess until September when they start up again. Two really nice luncheons have ended the year for two groups - one an elegantly catered affair, the other a potluck where each member tries to out-do the other with a delectable offering. It's a real challenge for me to be interested in fixing a 'nice' supper for hubby, when I've already had a terrific meal at noon.

My calendar looks strangely blank for the rest of May and for June. I'm sure things will come up and keep me busy, but it's rather nice to be under-whelmed with activities.

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Liz said...

I agree....perfect days to read and be carried away to another time or place, or both!