Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Whoever wrote the song about the 'lazy, hazy days of summer' must not have had a yard to tend. Summer in our part of the world means Growth, and growth means Mow, clip, trim, prune - the whole schmear. So for the past several days, since the monsoons ceased - that is, hubby and I have spent considerable time in the yard.
Our efforts are almost beginning to show, too, at least in the huge pile of brush that's sitting at the curb awaiting pickup by the Town trucks.

Our half-acre was not nearly so overwhelming when the riding mower was working. But with flat tires, and maybe even more 'trouble', it isn't useable....so back to the gas 'push mower' style of lawn care. By the time the farthest back section of the yard has been mowed, the front is ready again... so goes the summer.

While we were taking five yesterday, in the shade of the magnolia tree, I watched a pair of young men on Two riding mowers,and with gas-powered weed-eaters and blowers, completely service the huge yard next door and drive away - in less than an hour's time. Ah Youth... and equipment that works.

But in spite of the 90+ temps we've had these past several days, we have managed to cut hedge, mow grass and weeds, and rid the edges of sections of the front yard of vines - honeysuckle, vinca and ivy. It IS beginning to look better!

The down side to all this physical labor is the short-lived sessions that require the rest of the day in recuperation - rest, naps and reading inside where it's cool. Even the front porch swing is too warm nowadays in the mid-afternoon.

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Liz said...

It never ends....but such a feeling of accomplishment when the yard is looking good.