Thursday, June 11, 2009


Another week has gone, and it's getting to be real summer now, with the typical 'scattered afternoon thundershowers' almost every day and high humidity readings. A clap of thunder and a lightning bolt woke me from a sound sleep in the early morning hour, but paying it no heed, I was able to get another full hour in before rising for the day.

Yard work progresses, with more hedge cutting and hauling the debris to the street. Our town's trash collectors must think Every citizen is out with pruning shears this month, since so many curbs have huge piles set out for pickup...ours included.

The Mayor's Action Center on the Town website is going to be very helpful. My 'complaint' yesterday produced the auto-response as well as emails from the department head to which the complaint was directed. Way to go, guys! Now lets see if you can get the County to spray more often for mosquitoes in our area ! Mosquito control was handled far more efficiently when the Town was in full charge... no more, since the County took over, and has responsibility for the whole of the County. Totally poor planning !

We're waiting, on the edge of our collective seats, to hear whether or not the company that our daughter-in-law works for will recognize the value of her contribution to their overall success and keep her employed as they 'slash and burn' their employee list.

Today is Book Store Day, and I was hoping to get to the Library before the next rain shower started. I hear the raindrops now, hitting on the magnolia tree leaves...oh well. Guess I'll need that third hand for an umbrella, since I'll also be carrying my tote bag full of books to donate and the ubiquitous purse and insulated mug of iced tea.

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