Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adventure in Retail

Oh my what an adventure just buying a new dryer turned out to be ! Our old Name-Brand died(their repairmen are so bored from lack of work they just sleep, they're so Un-busy... you know the brand). That one was Only 9 years old... so it should have lasted a whole lot longer.

SO we ventured out in the heat, to see what the local branch of a Nationally advertized store had to offer. Found a wide variety, several different makes, all geared to serve well and 'do the job'. Chose one, got ready to finish the sale. UH oh... the System is down. THAT info took about 20-25 minutes to learn. The very nice saleslady tried hard to satisfy our request.... Finally we were asked to 'come back when the computer's working', so we came home. Only to get a call within the hour to return.. the System is up now.

Okay, so we go back, select, order, and learn that the particular model is Not in the Warehouse. We'll take the floor model, and it's okay to not be in a box. THEN we find that the Vent material is a separate item.. extra, of course. UGH. Then we go through the credit card process, set up a delivery date and think we're done. NOT.

Next day the call comes, delivery between 12 and 3. Yes, we'll be at home.
At 12:30 two energetic, brawny types arrive to deliver. Uh, Ma'am, we're not allowed to use the existing cord. You'll have to go back to the store and get one. And we're not allowed to wait for you to do that...but YOU can attach the cord, the guy says, it's no big deal. HA !

The brawnies hauled off the old dead dryer, as contracted (for an extra fee, of course). I drive back to the store and get the cord... but didn't take the sales slip with me, so a phone call home finally talked hubby through the listings on the ticket until the right return code was found... so they could credit those 'new' vent pipes - which we didn't need after all. The new cord cost a lot more than we'd been told... but you can't run an electric dryer without electricity... so another purchase process. The Nice young man at the store realized that this old couple would Never be able to figure out the intricacies of attaching the new cord to the back of the machine (which was left in the middle of the floor for that purpose) so he offered to and did come to our house and did the attaching, leveling the unit and shoving the thing into it's rightful position (which this old couple would not have been able to do either).

NOW everything's copasetic (I'll bet you haven't heard That term in a while !) and I've dried one load - twice, to get it completely dry. It'll take some practice to learn the settings that suit my needs, but at least I don't have to hang the laundry out to dry on the fence row now ! WHEW !

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Liz said...

The joys of homeownership...major appliances are such fun to mess with when they are in the fritz and need replacing. Glad the young man came to your rescue.