Thursday, June 4, 2009


Son John came yesterday to see if he could do whatever was needed to make our riding mower workable again. In spite of a hot, sunny morning he was able to inflate the three flat tires and start the engine on the first attempt ! That sentence doesn't nearly describe the effort that went in to accomplishing what took about two hours of physical labor! Hubby and I are so pleased to have the mower operable again - having figured that there were be more than tire problems to overcome. Not so. The engine chugged a couple of times and then caught - and away he went...finishing the front yard mowing in a half-hour that would have taken Much much longer with the push-mower!

When Hubby and son went to buy a new blade for the push-mower, Cocker spaniel Lucy and I sat on the front porch enjoying the breezes that kicked up while clouds built and thunder rumbled in the southern sky. Lucy is a daddy's-dog, and anxiously awaited his return, even tho she's a beautifully behaved young lady. She perked up considerably when the 'right car' came into our driveway.

John got that blade changed just as a few drops of rain started falling - and I was afraid he'd be driving back to his home in a storm. Watching the radar on the weatherbug site, I guess he missed a lot of the rain that was traveling the opposite direction. We certainly did not get enough in our neighborhood to do much more than wet the sidewalks.

Thanks to John's efforts and know-how yesterday, we can look forward to 'yardwork' now, instead of dreading it.

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