Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday dawned wet and dreary, but it turned out to be a lovely day after all.

As we approached the parking area of our church yesterday morning, we found congregation members standing outside, milling around looking perplexed. We were directed to 'keep moving' and we did, finding a parking slot out of the way but where we could watch and see what was happening. Seems smoke had been detected in the kitchen, and the fire department was on the way. We are all grateful for our excellent crews on the CFD, who came, saw and conquered whatever the problem was, in short order.

In our Sunday School class, each member stated the name of his or her mother - all deceased now. Our #2 daughter visited the class (so Her mother is still very much alive!) #3 son stopped in to say 'hello' and that his family would be bringing lunch to our house after church. What Fun!

Nine of us enjoyed the 'new' baked KFC and the rest of the goodies that go with the chicken. It was quite good, but not at all like the usual KFC with all the heavy crusts and calories.

Later in the afternoon our #1 son and his wife, and Lucy - their beautiful dog, came bringing goodies and a pretty pot plant.. Goodies included three kinds of cooked sushi, which we had not tried before. We enjoyed the fun and fellowship as well as the 'snacks'.

#1 Daughter called long distance to add her family's good wishes while we were 'snacking'.

Later, our #2 son poppled in for a very brief visit, bringing two 'meals-to-go' for later enjoyment.

Hubby and I were both tired from all the day's excitement, so we had a late light upper and called it a day.

All of these pleasant visits and family time made the rainy cool day a really nice one after all.

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