Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February - half gone

Where did this month go to so fast? It was just the other day that we turned the calendar page to a new month!

We've had so much 'weather' it's hard to remember exactly when things happened. The first snow dumped 6 inches in our yard and helped pull down a lot more little twigs and branches that the ice in January must have loosened. This was a perfect snow-man kind of snow, and lots of yards sported snow families within hours. I didn't even try to go out to build one for us, though. I did that one year not too long ago. Built a snowman all by myself, in the front yard. He was not very big, and all covered with old grass clippings and leaves, but he was "my" snowman!

All these bitterly cold days have caused a lot of cabin fever around here. It's too cold to get out and go, and staying home gets tedious after a while. The Vancouver Olympics have offered a variety of programs to watch on TV, and the ice skating is always my favorite. We've commented several times that WE got the snow and cold weather that Vancouver really needed. It was warmer there than here!

Physical Therapy started last week with one session - mostly evaluation to find my strengths and weaknesses. I'll be going to Collierville Baptist Hospital three times a week for four weeks, starting this afternoon. I hope it will help me regain some strength, stamina and energy. My weight keeps dropping... and I am not trying to lose pounds! If it continues to slide, I guess a doctor visit will be in order.

The forecast for tomorrow is a little bit warmer than today. I sure hope so, since we have a very nice meeting to attend in the afternoon, and a nice day would make it even more special.

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