Monday, March 29, 2010

Where did March go?

I did not realize it has been over two weeks since I posted anything on this blog site. Oh my goodness. I haven't been all that busy, but I do remember thinking that there was nothing of any interest to write about. So I didn't write.

Now it's almost April. I have completed my six weeks sessions of Physical Therapy... had the last session last Friday. Since that program allows independent followup visits, I decided that it would be smart to continue exercising 'on my own' during this 'free month'. So that's what I did today. I actually made myself get up and go to the Collierville Baptist Hospital Wellness Center and do some Nu-step and Arm-cycle exercises. I got to see two of the four therapists who have helped me through the past couple of months, and they were glad to see me 'follow up'. It would be much easier to sit down and do nothing, but I hope I won't get into that rut.

With Easter coming at the end of this week, our weather is beginning to cooperate nicely. Everywhere I look there are tinges of green showing on the tree branches, bushes and shrubs. The flowering trees have been magnificiently beautiful for about a week already. Bradford Pear trees are always so pretty. It's a shame that they're not a sturdier tree, since so many suffer devastating damage in wind and rainstorms. But we can enjoy them while they bloom and hope for no storms for a while.

Our buttercups (aka jonquils and daffodils) are blooming nicely now. I've had a fresh bouquet of the 'taste of spring' on our dining room table for about a week now. Alan would collect some new ones when he walked outside, and twice now I've been able to get out into the back yard (using my cane, still) to pick several handfuls.

The little wild flowers that always come before the grass starts growing are dotting the front yard as they have for 40+ years. When the children and grandchildren were small, we'd put off mowing the yard until after Easter, so there would be plenty of places to hide the Easter Eggs. I miss the dyeing sessions with the children several days before Easter. We'd have a row of teacups with different colors waiting for the eggs, and the kids would create all kinds of designs as they used crayons or stick-ons that came in the dye package. Oh, those are such nice Memories.

Changing the subject completely, the cell phone that Ginny sent me arrived today. It's an 'extra' one on their Plan, and since we had non-renewed our cellular service back in December, this is a welcome gift. Now to learn how to use it ! :-)

Calling out is not a problem. Answering an incoming call isn't either. It's the retrieval of messages left if I don't have the phone turned on.... that will be something to figure out. The instruction booklets that came with the phone are easy to read and interpret, it's just a matter of using the phone and getting accustomed to having it available again. (I used it to call Alan to supper this evening, which saved me from having to walk from the kitchen to the front of the house to alert him.! Ha! It worked!) When Ginny told me she would be sending the phone, she said, "It's a phone. That's all. It doesn't do anything but act like a telephone." That is Exactly what we prefer. It's impressive to see what Other People can do with their iPhones, iPods, and with all those icons that show up on their screens... but I have no desire to get that involved with anything that detailed and complicated !

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