Thursday, April 1, 2010


This has been a beautiful week with glorious weather. The redbuds are showing a lot of pink and the dogwoods are beginning to flower. All the flowering trees and bushes are in top form, and probably will last until the next rain - which is predicted for Saturday. We have had the doors open for several hours each day, and enjoyed sitting on the porch this afternoon. Listening to the birds and the wind chimes makes a pleasant outing.

Exercise this week has been a combination of going to the Wellness Center and doing some walking at home. Both ways are good, but I'm glad I'm able to schedule those 'free' sessions. I went to the center on Monday and again today. Yesterday's attempt was frustrating since the parking lot was completely full of cars. I never saw so many in the early afternoon! I gave up driving around hoping someone would leave, and went to the Library instead. It was a different kind of exercise - primarily walking - but I enjoyed visiting with the friend at the circulation desk as well as the two friends in the Book Store.

Today I went to the Center early ...about 9 a.m., and found a good spot for the car that wasn't too far away. They'll be closed tomorrow for Good Friday.

I guess exercising IS helping, since I have not been as tired this afternoon as I thought I would be. I was awake last night for about an hour and a half in the night, just laying there trying to get back to sleep, but with my head so full of 'things to worry about' that sleep didn't come.... until much later. It's futile to lay awake in the middle of the night worrying about things over which I have no control and can't do a thing about anyway, but I often do just that. There's almost always one more 'problem' to think (worry) about... and often more than one.

I think I have finally figured out the crochet stitch that I want to use on the little blanket project I'm doing. I had worked for several weeks on one piece, but I was not satisfied with the way it was coming together. SO I cut the yarn and started over with this 'new' stitch that I think is going to be what I was looking for in the first place. The other piece has been unravelled and is now ready to use again.

The family gathering for Easter supper will be at Paul and Pam's house, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone together. They hosted the family's Christmas dinner, since I was just out of the hospital, and volunteered again for Easter. I would love to have everyone come here, but I'm still not quite ready to take on an endeavor of that size.

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