Friday, April 9, 2010

SPRING at last...

Easter was beautiful and wonderful. We attended the early service at church, followed by our Sunday School class where we had coffee and all kinds of goodies - our tradition for the first Sunday of each month.

The evening meal at Paul and Pam's was delicious - the ham was outstanding, and we were pleased to see most of the family there. Those away at college or working didn't make it, but others did and there was lots of love and laughter during the evening.

I actually walked down the hill to my friend's house on Tuesday afternoon and had a nice hour's visit with her. I had called first to be sure she was free, and would be able to drive me back home. I knew I would be too tired to make the return trip, uphill all the way.

The Friends of the Library meeting on Wednesday was brief this time, since so many of the Friends were involved in setting up for the Spring Used Book Sale. We had 27 members present just the same.

Thursday I finally got back to the Wellness Center to do some exercising on the equipment. It felt good to have a morning session. John and Debby came out during the middle of the day, and John cut down some stumps for us... the remains of bushes that Alan had removed with lobbers and bow saw earlier in the week. Those big bushes had been growing in that spot for about 40 years, with no rhyme nor reason. They were just there - more than 8 feet tall now and serving no purpose. John did a good job but it was hot in the middle of the day and he was quickly overheated.

Thursday evening I went to the Library to serve as cashier for the members only pre-sale at the book sale. I enjoyed every minute of the 3 hours I worked, getting to see folks I had not seen since last Fall and meeting new people too. The other cashier and I were busy most of the time with a steady stream of customers.

Paul came by today to finish cutting those stumps in the back yard. He drained the walking mower and dried the gas tank, which had water mixed in the old gas. When he got it all done and filled with new clean gas, he got it started. He proceeded to cut the scraggly part of the front yard that was beginning to look pretty messy. He also reinflated the flat tire on the riding mower, and Alan found that it will start and run after all. So all our moaning and groaning about having two mowers that didn't work was in vain. All it takes in someone who knows how to do what's necessary and just do it.

We are very blessed with children who do so much for us... each one, in his or her own way, is always doing good things for us.

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