Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I won't be sharing any world-shaking "Thoughts" in this post, but I needed a title for it, and that's what popped into my head.

This is the time of year that goes by entirely too fast, and we wish we could capture the perfect weather somehow to save for later when it's too hot or too cold to suit our fancy. Wasn't it Chaucer who extolled the virtues of April? "Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote the droghte of March hath pierced to the roote." Canterbury Tales, (ca 1387) Old English is not one bit easier to read or understand now than it was when I was in high school. Do high school English students even read Chaucer any more?

A dear friend came over the other day, bringing lemonade and cranberry-orange muffins for us to enjoy as we sat on the front porch. Normally there would have been several trains to watch during the two hour visit... But that particular day the N-S railroad crews were replacing the crossings and train traffic was severely limited. We did not see a single train!

The day before that, with the crews working on the three railroad crossings to the west of us, the vehicular traffic on both sides of our street (North and South) was phenomenal. When you think "bumper to bumper"-- that's exactly the way it was that Thursday... cars and trucks seeking a way to get across the tracks going both ways. Fortunately we did not see or hear any Emergency Vehicles attempting to get to the other side of town during this day-long interruption of service.

My 'free' exercise privileges are almost used up at the local hospital wellness center. I've enjoyed being able to go whenever I could work it in to do some exercising on the arm-cycle and the NuStep machine. The center offers the same privilege for a small monthly fee, but for now I think I'll not sign up for that.

Yesterday I decided it was time to do some errands on my own, so I took off -- making stops at the Dollar Tree, the Library and Subway. I had parcels to bring in from each stop, so Alan helped me get in with my purchases, books and our Foot-Long Subway Sandwich (for lunch).
I never can finish my half of a foot-long, so I saved the rest of it for supper.

I was glad to find four books at the Library (3 from the Book Store, one to check out) that look interesting. It's been a while since I've read any of the Linda Lael Miller novels, so I'll be renewing old friendships, I'm sure. The 14-day Library book is set in New Orleans and Cajun Country so that one caught my eye immediately.

All that driving, starting and stopping, getting out and going in really was tiring, so I was glad to settle down with a good new book after lunch.

The club meets this afternoon. That is always a pleasant couple of hours spent with friends. Tomorrow I have to have my blood checked for the blood-thinner level, and since I'll be at the hospital anyway, I plan to stay and exercise for a while afterwards. Tomorrow afternoon the Board of Directors for the Cemetery will have our Annual Meeting. I hope we'll have a good turnout for that one. It's been a while since we met last time.

Then it's time again on Saturday to go to Holly Springs MS for the Genealogical Society meeting (and lunch at the cafe on the Square). Saturday's weather forecast is not good - thunderstorms and 'slight' chance for severe weather. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday.

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Liz said...

Ahh, reading Chaucer, that brings back some 'fond' memories. I don't think they study The Canterbury Tales anymore in high school....which is too bad. Although some of those tales are quite bawdy!!