Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good news Bad news -- ugh

This is a copy of the "report" I sent to family members and friends yesterday when the power finally came back on after an hour or more. The thunderstorm we had was really bad, and the gauge showed over 1.5 inches of rain in about 30 minutes !

Monday - 5-24
We left home at 8:50 for a 9:50 appointment. But the WalnutGrove at G'town Parkway office was only 30 min. away. So we waited. And Waited.....
At 11:15 we were called in to see Dr Woodbury. He talked and typed at the same time, a mile a minute... (hard to follow,) then examined my scalp and face.... and gave me a print copy of what he had said/typed.

He called in some RXs to Wal-Mart for Special Shampoo and Soap .. and some OTC face stuff.... Topical, not systemic, thank goodness He said I should come back in August IF NEEDED.

He called my 'ailment' TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM.... hair loss, a natural pattern of extra shedding of the hair. There are several triggers for this kind of hair condition...including a great amount of emotional stress (childbirth is one of those, but I don't think it applies to ME !!!) and Major Surgery, thyroid disease (not applicable), and maybe inadequate protein in diet... I will eat more eggs and cheese, etc.

I had finished half of my "report" when our power went out. One hour later I'm back.
SO when the thunderstorm is completely out of our area and the puddles have soaked in more, I'll check at Wal-Mart and see what's there.

Following the appointment Alan and I both needed the restroom...badly. I went first, locking the door behind me as is my habit. Finishing what I went in for, I stepped on the scale in the corner to see what I weighed there..stepped off. and FELL backwards onto the floor, smack dab on my Tail Bone. It took a while to get me upright again. I had to scoot across the floor to unlock the door so help could come in.

One of the nurses had to go get a chair for me to climb up onto... and from there, I could stand. My tailbone is sore, aching and I must have pulled a muscle in the back of my left thigh, because it hurts to move or walk. (And I just said yesterday that at least I haven't fallen in a while !!! )

I still have not heard from Dr Mak's lab work on my blood, and Ruthanne said the Clinic is closed today - which she learned when she tried to call for an appointment. I sure hope Makapugay is not scaling down toward retirement or something.... I would hate to have to change Primary Care MDs at this point.

Tomorrow is our Landmark Woman's Club potluck luncheon at Yvonne's house... Charlotte got some potato salad to take so I won't have to cook the pasta salad after all. That suits me fine.

So now I'm going to go back to my book, and RELAX.

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