Friday, May 21, 2010

New week

So much has happened since I last posted, that I can't even remember where to start.
In addition to all the doctor appointments, I've read three of the delightful books in the Smart Chick series by Mindy Starnes Clark. They're fun reads. I have three more of her books in my 'to read' stack, and it's a big temptation to sit down and read instead of doing anything else. I got another Jill Churchill book at the Library; she's another author I enjoy a lot.

The good news is that from my cardiologist and lung doctor I got good checkups both places... the cardiologist said 'come back in 3 months' and the lung doctor said 'six months'. So I'm doing well in those areas. BUT the hair loss continues, and continues to bug me badly. I don't know what's happening or why.

I saw my Primary Care M.D. last week and he took extra time with me talking about the numbness in my feet and ankles, explaining the difference between peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease. He thinks the former is my problem, since the pulse is good in both ankles.

However, none of my medical advisors have offered any solutions to that problem, nor have they had a solution for the hair loss. So----- I now have an appointment with a Dermatologist on Monday. This doctor was located in C'ville, which was fine with me... I like to keep things Local. BUT his office is now about 10 miles away in Germantown. Ugh. But I'll go anyway, just to get an opinion about what, if anything, can be done to stop this aggravating condition before it's too late. I sure would like to know why - seemingly all of a sudden in the past 2 months - my hair is thinning so badly. My surgery was in December '09... is this an 'after effect' this much later?

Shifting gears: Our weather has been really nice and springlike, until earlier this week. A cold front came through and kept us and my dear friend from having our "sitting on the porch" visit. We had to move indoors on Tuesday to get out of the chilling wind and 60-something temps. Brrrr. After so many beautiful days, the drop in temp was hard to take. We had a good visit, though, even if it did have to be inside the house.

Granddaughter Anna came by yesterday with the latest ultrasound pictures that shows a Girl ! Granddaughter Maureen, in Florida, had the identifying ultrasound earlier and they also expect a Girl ! Looks like our "girls first" family tradition is continuing.

But hey.. wait a minute... those new additions will add the title "GREAT" to me and Alan. Not sure I'm ready to have that ancient-sounding designation. Being a GRANDmother is wonderful, and I've enjoyed and loved every one of our Eleven grandchildren... but being a GREAT-Grandmother takes some 'getting used to'. Alan hasn't said much about being a GREAT-grandfather... but maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet. After all, we ARE old enough - even if we don't feel the years or want to admit the numbers!

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Liz said...

You are both Great and Grand...embrace the titles!!! And, I'm sure our next visit will be on a day with porch worthy weather:)