Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One week and counting

One more week til Christmas Eve ! This whole year has zoomed by in a whirlwind of activities and accomplishments ! A friend told me yesterday that her "Christmas Letter" was receiving accolades this year because it was not about all the things her family members did and places they went during the year. Rather, she told about researching their family genealogy and history, giving substance to the family stories and lore that was passed down through the generations. What an interesting idea! I'll have to remember that when Christmas 2009 looms near.

It's always nice to hear from my cousins who live too far away to visit often, and I'm always interested in their various comings and goings, so I hope they won't change their annual letter formats at all.

This week has been less than fun, since a sinus infection has dominated most of each waking moment. I don't like to cancel engagements or commitments, but sometimes it's necessary for everyone's well-being. Nobody wants to be around another who is coughing and sniffing constantly.

Excitement is building for friends and family who are leaving in a few days for the Trip of a Lifetime. Both groups will head for Europe - Germany, Austria and France. I wish I could hide away in one of their suitcases! Since that will not happen, I'll keep watch for emails about their adventures - thanks to the technology that makes it possible!

When I was first married, we were living on an Army base far from home, and even a long distance phone call was a rarity instead of a routine occurence. Who would have dreamed 60 years ago that friends and family could log on to their computers and, using SKYPE, see and talk to each other with just the click of a few letters on the keyboards!

Speaking of SKYPE, a cousin sent a news release from that company announcing the promotions of several head people. I was pleased to see that a 2nd cousin who has lived in California for about 20 years, was named to a top position in that interesting company. Way to go, Christopher!

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