Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Weeks and counting---

December 10th already! That's hard to believe, but there it is....Two weeks from today will be Christmas Eve.

Ah-- the memories those words bring forth - the childhood days when the whole family gathered at our grandmother's house to hang stockings and the cousins pretended to go to sleep while the grownups did their 'getting ready for Santa' things. The house was too small to hide many secrets, with the grandmother, three daughters and their husbands, and 8 total children - oh my what fun!

Back to the future - Now we have an even larger family to gather for Christmas at our house. A few years ago we had a Christmas Eve supper as well as a Christmas Day supper, to accomodate the groups who had other families to visit. Now it's evolved to just one big Christmas Day dinner with everyone together!

Preparations are still in progress here, but I still need to gather the items that will go with the travelers to France! They'll have quite a different adventure this year, and are getting more excited as departure date approaches. We'll miss them greatly -back here on the 'home front', but are happy that they will be all together over there across the pond.

Yesterday was one of those days when the rain just would not go away. I kept checking the rain gauge in our back yard, and it kept getting fuller and fuller. The 'official' total for our area was almost FOUR inches in a 24-hour period. That's quite enough, thank you very much. Even so, I'm thankful it was "just" rain, and not the equivalent amount of snow! Yep, a quick check of the rain gauge shows 'almost 4 inches' !

Now to get busy with the day's things-to-do !

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Liz said...

Yep, that was a lot of rain. Although at least it was warm,unlike what we had yesterday and what it feels like so far today! I will see you at the store this morning:)