Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update - Thursday p.m.

A fair to middlin' day in sales at the book store today was offset by the interesting patrons who came, browsed, and chatted - with or without making a selection.

Yesterday's mail brought a Summons to Federal Jury Duty I have never served on a jury - Federal or otherwise, though I was selected to a pool once when I was 69 1/2 years old. Several days of driving to downtown Memphis, sitting and waiting all day, resulted in being dismissed after the first 12 called were accepted to serve on that particular case.

The Federal Jury form still carried the "over 70" exemption, so I'll follow the instructions and call early next week to learn my status. I can't hold my breath that long, so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

An appointment with a local opthamologist for early Friday morning, will - I hope - give me some relief from the chalazion on my right eyelid. Hot compresses have helped some but the swelling has bothered me for several days while I wait to see the doctor.

The TV weather man showed a September Calendar page this evening, with 19 of these first 24 days marked with a red X. That's for Rain Days ! Yes, 19 of the first 24 ! And over 8 inches of rainfall during that time. Other areas have been much worse off, with extreme flooding, homes and vehicles totally destroyed, and some loss of life. This has been an unusual September, especially compared to the similar period a year ago. That was the Drought time, when we did not cut grass for two months, since it wasn't growing - just barely hanging on without rain. People are joking about building arks, but the farmers are watching to see if the cotton and soybean crops will survive at all. It's already a serious situation for them.

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