Friday, September 25, 2009


In addition to wondering when the sun will be shining enough to dry out the hayfield that we formerly called our front yard, so that the mower might be engaged to run over and over the 'meadow' out there, I have a few other thoughts batting around in my head today.

Doctors. I appreciate the profession and their PRACTICE of the art of medicine in all forms. BUT, gimme a break, please. I filled out four pages of forms, two fronts and two backs, answering to the best of my ability everything that was asked about me and my family, who I would allow to receive information (drat that new law) and everything else -- except what I ate for breakfast.

So why, when I finally was ushered into the inner sanctum of this 'new-to-me' professional's labyrinth, did he ask me the same basic information and write it on the top page of my "chart".???

Question: Do medical professionals ever read the admission questionaires?

Pharmaceutical Companies: Okay, I survived (endured) the long wait for the office visit, and accepted that he was not going to perform the simple procedure that I'd hoped for...( it would have been much simpler and resolved my problem) ... and accepted the prescription for an ointment.

At the discount pharmacy, I presented the piece of paper, explaining once more that I do not have and never have had any insurance coverage for prescriptions, only to be told that the tiny little bottle of eye drops would cost $76.00. GULP.

Thank you just the same, I think I'll pass.

Checking by phone I learned that other pharmacies in the area would fill that same Rx for $84, $63, or $79. Hysterical laughter, by this time, ended those calls.

Question: WHY do pharmaceutical companies charge such outrageous prices for a simple antibiotic eyedrop? and WHY has the American Public allowed them to get away with such robbery?

Yeah, I know the current administration is going to Fix all that with their new Health Care plan, (yeah, right) but ......big BUT.....until the price-fixing is fixed, it's not gonna work.

Since I can't solve or answer any of these questions, I think I'll leave the computer and read some more of the Sandra Brown that I picked up at the Book Store.

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