Friday, September 18, 2009

Water Water Everywhere....

This week's rain, pouring at times, and gray sky days are wearing on body and spirit. Resisting taking rain gear to meetings was a mistake each time, resulting in three different soakings (wet shirt, shoes and dripping hair) even though the sky was almost clear when those events began.
But not being made of sugar, I didn't melt... just fussed about it.

Thursday I was determined to outfox the weather, and was totally prepared for another deluge --which did NOT happen! Go figure!

Early forecasts were for a rain-free weekend, but -typically- those changed, and now I just hope we can get to the Constitution Day Luncheon without too much trouble. The friend's evening wedding and reception will go on as scheduled, but -again- a sunny day would have been Much preferred.

This has been a good curl-up-with-a-book week, though, and I have enjoyed two more of Linda Lael Miller's novels that I'd missed earlier. Her early western days stories are always good, and I am enjoying rereading the McKettrick's Christmas one. A train, stalled in the middle of nowhere by an avalanche, has passengers of several personalities. Miller does a good job with her tale-telling. Hester Browne's Little Lady Agency series are fun, and quite different from my usual selections.

We wait for more updates on daughter's knee replacement surgery and another friend's surgery that was postponed til today. The knee replacement went according to plan, and as long as the anesthetic was still effective, Ginny was 'feeling fine'. Then the post-op pain hit. Oh dear.
I'm sure Diane must have felt frustration over the delay in getting on with her 'procedure'. All psyched up and then nothing.

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