Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Ghost at Work"

Carolyn Hart’s 2008 mystery novel “Ghosts at Work” introduces Bailey Ruth Raeburn, a member of Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions. Hart’s expertise in mystery writing makes each of her books an enjoyable adventure, and “Ghosts at Work” is another one.

Bailey Ruth is an emissary who returns to her small hometown in Oklahoma to help the pastor’s wife who is in “dire straits”. Wiggins, the stationmaster alternately helps and hinders Bailey Ruth’s work on earth as she works to solve a mysterious murder on the porch of the rectory.

This was an entertaining “willing suspension of disbelief” for me as I followed Bailey Ruth’s attempts to aid the police with whatever means seem plausible. She has a hard time remembering that emissaries from the Department of Good Intentions are cautioned about making “appearances”, and are warned never to use the term “ghost” in reference to themselves.

Now I really can’t wait for the next in the Bailey Ruth series from the pen of Carolyn Hart. This promises to be as good a series as Hart’s “Death on Demand” and “Henri O” has proved to be.


Liz said...

Okay, so how did I miss this series? I love any type of mystery with a paranormal twist. Good Review!

Anne's BLOG said...

Thanks, Liz. Hart introduces Bailey Ruth in this 2008 story. I found it on the popular shelf...a 14-day book.

Liz said...

I found it today while I was at the library and I'm already half way through it. What a totally fun and engaging read. I may just have to find more of Ms. Hart's books. She's a peach of a writer!