Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pat's day and More

Since I really can't claim any Irish in my ancestry, I don't try to 'celebrate' today, but enjoy watching or hearing about the various activities of others.

There's always "something" to take care of when vehicles are concerned. This time it's the Van that's in the shop for repairs. When it is finished, we'll leave the car to find out what's causing the problems with it. YIKES, I dread the verdict on that one.

Since my last post I've started two books by familiar authors, only to decide to leave them both. They just didn't appeal to me. Instead, I picked up another Carolyn Hart "Death on Demand", which is a lot more fun to read.

I've been invited to read and follow (if desired) two new blogspots. Both are very interesting, so I did sign on as a 'follower'. One is a fascinating History of Acadia and Le Grande Derangement (the expulsion of Acadians from their homeland by the British rulers in power) of 1755. I never cared much for history of any era when I was in high school. I took the required courses and got good grades, but that was it. In college, I did not care at all for the required "Europe to 1600"... really ancient history to me. I think I passed that course too, but really don't recall. NOW, however, with my avid interest in Genealogy, history follows along beautifully and is fascinating.

The other blogspot comes from my first cousin's daughter's group that's connected wtih RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). Lili is leading a group of students on a research trip to India to study the environment. This one is interesting - even fascinating - though far above my head. The blog describes their study and preparatory work prior to starting the trip and the research. I am Impressed.

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Liz said...

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day....

Ugh, car repairs. They are the worst! Hope the news isn't too bad.