Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Celebration week

With the arrival of our Maryland family at midnight Saturday, the week-long time of Celebration began. This fun and happy time will culminate with the wedding and reception for our youngest granddaughter and the love-of-her-life. Of our seven granddaughters, she is the fourth to exchange vows with her dream man. Our four grandsons, all in their teen years, have a few more years, I hope, before choosing a life partner.

Sunday dawned bright and clear with a nice breeze, so while our travelers slept in, Charlotte and I went to Sunday school and heard one of the finest lessons yet by our retired-minister classmate. One of the themes - from Moses and the Israelites - was that while you can please some people some of the time, you can't please everybody all the time; sometimes you cannot please anybody - any time. So deal with it.

The Family gathered here Sunday evening for a fun time for celebrating five family members' August birthdays. The total accumulated years add to over 240, so we didn't attempt to put candles on the cake. The barbeque was excellent and the company was unsurpassed. Lots of conversations back and forth with lots of laughter all the time. Such wonderful fun with a wonderful family.

Monday night the girls enjoyed going to a bridal shower honoring Emily, while the guys swam at Paul's pool and then went to the Chinese restaurant for those delecacies - mainly sushi, that they enjoy so much. The shower was fun, and our hostesses were delightful.

There was a lull for me today, while our 'visitors' went to a movie. They enjoyed the film, but coming back out onto the parking lot in the extreme heat, to the closed up van, was a shock to all the senses. Such heat is hard to take after being so nice and cool for the previous several hours.

That storm last Thursday ushered in an entirely different kind of weather for us - Heat. July had been the coolest on record for our area, June was the wettest, and now August is proving to be a 'regular' one with heat and humidity as usual. It would have been much nicer for the 'cool' weather to stay with us a while longer.

The Wedding is coming closer and closer. We're looking forward to the Rehearsal Dinner excitement and fun on Friday evening, and then it will be The Day!

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Liz said...

So glad I read the paragraph about your Sunday school lesson this morning. I may need to keep that sage advice in mind today!