Sunday, August 23, 2009

NEW experiences

August in West Tennessee is normally HOT, Humid and Uncomfortable. Residents here have enjoyed a total departure from the norm this weekend, with temps under 85 and Low humidity, with cool Canadian breezes delighting the whole population!

In addition to being able to have our house wide open - doors on three sides - to catch and savor the cool breezes, we were treated to a most unusual experience yesterday.

Our grandson-in-law is fulfilling a long-time dream by enrolling in a new local Culinary School. Working part-time and going to classes four evenings a week is a demanding schedule, but he seems to be revelling in the work and the opportunity.

Yesterday he and two of his fellow classmates brought all the ingredients and equipment to our house, and prepared an excellent 'late lunch' for us: Chicken and vegetable soup with basil, Classic bread pudding and an extra treat - real banana pudding. They had a good time chopping, dicing, slicing and prepping all the fresh veggies to add to the chicken broth and white wine. The bread pudding with croissants and 18 eggs and other ingredients couldn't help but be delicious and it was! Our kitchen was a beehive of activity during this time, with our daughter and granddaughter watching the proceedings along with us.

When the chefs-in-training declared lunch to be ready, seven of us gathered at the table for a mid-afternoon feast. Plain and simple fare with lively conversation the whole time was a complete change from our normally quiet noontime sandwich and iced tea lunch! Thanks guys, if you happen to read this, for a really nice experience!

When suppertime rolled around, No one wanted anything to eat! Lunch, then, was declared scrumptious success.

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Liz said...

Oh Yum! That lunch sounds divine...and with the wonderful weather we are having, who needs an appetizer!!