Friday, August 7, 2009

One more day

One more day until The Big day - for Emily and Scott to begin their life together.
This week has been filled with activity, for the bridal pair and for our family here at home. Almost every minute has been full with our Maryland branch's comings and goings, meals at home and out at restaurants with various combinations of family...

Now the count-down until the Rehearsal Dinner tonight and The Wedding and Reception tomorrow. I can't begin to count the hours of preparation that the bride's family and the groom's family have put into these Events! I'm sure all the prep work will result in beautifully executed dinners, ceremonies and celebrations! Just coordinating the many people involved requires great attention to details...and minutiae.

We're looking forward to cooperative, though hot, weather - which is a big help.

On the home front, the down-to-earth mundane: the riding mower repair has been delayed, one day at the time, all week, by the young service man who 'promised' .... and we're still waiting. Son-in-law Bill tackled the whole yard with the small mower the other evening when it was relatively cool - only to have that mower 'die' before he finished the project. So now we wait for the 'promised' repair and return of Both mowers! Aghhhh.

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