Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ups and Downs - all week

More computer problems earlier this week kept us both on edge and totally frustrated. My email service would allow incoming messages, but not allow anything to be sent out. Hubby very graciously shared his computer, which was working well for some strange reason.

After a day and a half of using his computer and email to get to mine, we called for help. The Expert technician came from our local Computer Store to get us both up and running again.

Folling instructions, we had gone to to the Cable service office to swap out our OLD modem, thinking that might have been the cause of all our frequent problems.
The woman behind the counter said, "Take it home, plug it in and you're good to
go." NOT! She was TOTALLY wrong.

Hubby plugged the new modem into the router and then to the CPUs.. his and mine. Neither worked. Another call to the service company got him straightened out, but only if I were disconnected. No combination worked for me.

The technician spent an hour with our machines,and even he said it was not easy or simple.

The rest of this past week was a lot better, with a FUN day for me at the Book Store on Thursday. The whole three-hour shift was busy, with lots of people coming in to browse and buy their 'finds'.

An interesting meeting and luncheon on Saturday with our Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, and then a delightful cocktail buffet supper honoring an engaged couple filled that busy day.

In between all of the week's 'ups and downs', I have been snatching blocks of time whenever possible to follow the action in Heather Graham's "The Island". A book store 'find', this novel is as complicated as I could imagine. It's one that cannot be put down without the characters and their twists and turns staying with you. I want to skip ahead to see how Graham resolves the mysteries (and there are several working at the same time), but -at the same time- don't want this book to end.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we have enjoyed a multitude of pictures from our granddaughter's wedding and reception. The photographer did a marvelous job of capturing the joy and happiness of the occasions with her excellent 'eye' and equipments!

IF the TV forecasters are right, we can look forward to a touch of Fall in the coming days, with lower humidity and cool temps. September is right around the corner and the cool air is welcome!

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Liz said...

Heather Graham writes a fine book. Glad the computer issues were finally resolved and the week ended on good notes!