Monday, August 17, 2009

Thought on "Bedlam South"

This new book by Mark Grisham and David Donaldson has overwhelmed me in a way that no other novel has for a long time. 'Willing suspension of disbelief' does not help in this case, since the reader realizes how much of the action is based on what really happened during those war years.

The flyleaf says: "Set in the heart of the Confederacy, Bedlam South is the story of ordinary people who fought and suffered, and loved and lost during the Civil War...." The authors combined Grisham's love for the Civil War and Donaldson's fascination with psychology and mental health to weave a compelling story.

Recommended by a friend, I was fortunate to find a signed copy in our Book Store, and brought it home immediately to start reading. The 324-page novel, fiction based on historical fact, grabbed me from the first and would not let go. In truth, I had to lay it aside from time to time because the intensity was too much. Coming back, I was readily enveloped again in the human struggles and the battle scenes of the worst time in our country's history.

This is not light reading. In fact, I will look for something in the vein of Evanovich for my next adventure in the printed word. But, that said, I am glad that I read "Bedlam South" and will add the volume to my 'keep' bookshelf. I wish the characters had not invaded my dreams last night, however. 'Bedlam South' is that powerful !


Liz said...

Good books, even the disturbing ones, are something special...and when they invade your dreams, you know the writer did one heckuva job crafting that story and those characters.

Anne's BLOG said...

Yes, these writers did a 'heckuva job' with their novel. I would expect no less from a Grisham brother, and Mark has certainly upheld the tradition!