Monday, July 13, 2009

BOOKS and more books

Thunder and rain this morning provided a perfect excuse for me to relax and pick up another one of my tall stack of books-to-read.

I had finally finished wading through "A Lie for a Lie" by Emilie Richards. Somehow this one, however clever and entertaining it might be, never quite grabbed my attention like some other authors do. I found myself dozing frequently during the preacher's wife's attempts to prove the innocence of her new 'friend'. Just couldn't maintain interest, or something. Not many stories put me to sleep so regularly ...but maybe I was just tired to begin with.

But on the other end of the attention-grabber list, "Thanksgiving" by Janet Evanovich kept me glued and laughing til tears obstructed my view of the pages. This 1988 pre-Stephanie Plum romance reprint is definitely one to enjoy when you want a fast and hilarious read. Evanovich writes a clever story that's fun to read.

Hubby complained that my laughter was disturbing his own reading, even though the jackhammer work next door didn't seem to bother either of us! Breaking up a concrete slab - which had been the floor of a shed-carport combination - was loud enough to get attention from the whole neighborhood! The men worked on even after the rain started !

Now the rain has ceased, the jackhammer crew did not return after lunch break, and all is too quiet. I 'need' to make a grocery run, but keep putting it off and off...until soon we'll be looking at Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards, for sure !
Somehow grocery shopping and meal planning just doesn't excite me very much, after a lifetime of doing. Outside of 'eating out' all the time, I don't know any way to avoid it, though.


Liz said...

I've been in a food funk of late too...I got enough to tide us over, but need to make a big 'shop' and have no energy to do so. No matter what I buy, the kids just eat it all! LOL.

Anne's BLOG said...

I know what you mean! I need to stock up for 'company'. Those two teenage boys will devour and consume everything in sight and still want to go to Red Sun for sushi ! They'll be here for a the shelves better fill themselves - since I lack energy too!