Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frustrations deluxe

Today's grey cloudy day has been one of frustrations... minor, to be sure, but still....
I can't see my 'followers' on my blog list. No icons appear. Everything I tried so far to reinstate the icons has failed. That's 'frustration' number one right now. I don't know why the icons have disappeared, or why the 'help' section doesn't address MY question.

Number two just came by email from the website of the store that my sister and I searched for in vain on Monday.

The company correspondent says she understands my frustration in locating a store...and offers the address of the one we tried to find first. MY fault for not noting the ADDRESS before we started out driving that day.. for the one listed in a specific shopping center in the neighboring town is not - to my way of thinking - IN that shopping center. Nope, it's on a street that vaguely borders the shopping center...about two blocks away.

As stated, the unsuccessful search for that particular store was my fault, but also for the store's website for labeling that store by the name that is actually NOT on the street shown as their physical address. I still maintain that the website is misleading...and told that company so when I used their 'contact us' feature.

Frustration #3: One of the riding mower tires that #1 son worked so hard to replace a few weeks ago so the mower would work, had lost air again when we went out to do the mowing last week. (Expletive removed) #1 son has since had Carpal Tunnel surgery and is not able yet to come back and try again. SO we're going to bite the bullet and call a lawn mower repair service - tomorrow.

In the meantime, guess what the almost-3 inches of rain has done to the front yard? Uh huh... the front part looks just as scraggly as it did before we mowed last week! I have to be thankful that we do have a nice Green lawn this summer - as opposed to last year's struggling-to-survive grass everywhere around. The drought last year was not pleasant at all.

I won't even mention that the novel I'm reading has not yet grabbed my whole attention. Usually that author writes one that I simply can't put down. Not this time... I can't really get into it - but I will finish reading just to see how the author uncomplicates the plots and subplots before the last page.


Liz said...

My goodness! I think one of those black rain clouds has settled over your house and isn't leaving. I hope today is better, especially as you will be at the book store!

Anne's BLOG said...

Woo Hoo!!! Today WILL be better. I can escape to the Book Store for a fun three hours, and then our wandering granddaughter is coming to visit! YAY! She says her sleep habits are finally back to Central Daylight Time ! It takes a while to adjust to the 7-hour time difference, I'm sure.

Alan said...

Henceforth, always remember to look up addresses in the phone book before setting out in search of a particular place. Not that I do that personally, mind you. Do as I say, not as I do.