Friday, July 3, 2009

Books and Veggies

Thursday this week was a busy and productive day all day long ! Lots of interesting visitors to the Book Store and many sales made my 'quota' for the early shift an easy reality. We don't actually have a set quota to accomplish, but it's always rewarding when a large number of sales produce a check-out total that's 'comfortable'.

Donations for the Library and the Book Store continue to come in, and for this we are grateful. Our neighbors and friends bring in books, magazines, tapes and CDs that are no longer wanted, and as is said, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. It's always fun to see a patron find a longed-for book on the Book Store shelf.

The youngest patrons who come in after their visit to the programs in the Library are the most fun to watch. They are very serious in choosing their selections of the day, and with parental guidance, usually end up with a hardback or paperback that's just right for them.

The Summer Reading program is an active one, especially for the YA group. When a 'young adult' completes the requirements, they receive a coupon for a Free YA book from the Book Store. Those selections sometimes take a long time...but the smiles on their faces, when they complete the mission, are worth the wait.

When I finished my shift, hubby and I visited the brand-new "Farmers Market" off the Square. Many tables of fresh home-grown vegetables and fruits to choose from made the heat more tolerable. We came home with bags full of sweet corn, tomatoes, new potatoes and yellow squash. We chatted a while with the dedicated gardener who initiated, persevered and succeeded in establishing this new 'Farmers Market'.

The Market will return every Thursday from noon til 6 - or until a vendor sells out and departs. One vendor had already done that by the time we got there mid-afternoon.

Supper last night took some prep effort, but was Oh so Worth the trouble! Those fresh home-grown tomatoes tasted like Real tomatoes, and the sweet corn on the cob was indescribably delicious.

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