Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainy Thursday

What is it with Thursday that rain comes so frequently on that part of the week? An early storm shook the very rafters with thunder, lightning and a downpour that raised the level in our rain gauge. I think the clouds are moving out now; at least I hope so. I hate to do my volunteer shift at the Book Store with wet shoes. Umbrellas just don't quite cover everything in a downpour.

An interesting public meeting at Town Hall on Tuesday night held our attention for the full hour. Officials with the Metro Planning group showed maps of the Norfolk-Southern railroad 'Poplar Corridor' from East Memphis to Rossville. Discussed were the crossings with the most traffic and therefore the most congestion and accidents.
We were a little disappointed that no real solution or conclusion was offered --in our opinion-- because the bottom line lies with the Railroad, always and forever. What 'they' are willing to do, or not do, seems to depend on the cost to them. This is not 'new' news. The railroads have always been 'in charge' of their lines and the rights-of-way on both sides of the rails. I think hubby and I read into the press releases topics that were not actually there. But at least we were able to express opinions about certain crossings and the problems with one in particular.

Good news came in this morning from the new Farmers Market blogspot. Extended hours will be a boon to shoppers, as well as additional vendors. More fresh veggies are coming in daily - and I'm looking forward to another visit after my volunteer shift, to check out the fresh butterbeans!

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