Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday trivia and other inconsequential stuff

Before I begin my rant today, I hope you will check out Larry's blogspot. He's a new 'follower' on my blogspot, so I clicked on his picture and found his pictures of Collierville. A totally delightful collection of enchanting photographs - scenes in and around our beautiful used-to-be-Small Town. I think you'll enjoy browsing as much as I have. Just be sure to allow enough time to keep scrolling. This Larry has a lot to offer, and I'm glad he signed on as a follower.

Shift gears: How long does it take an ingrained habit to be forcefully re-thought and re-tooled, as it were?? After turning on the kitchen hot and cold faucets a certain way for a little over 40 years, one beneficial visit from a friendly plumber changed my habits completely - upside down, if you will.

The hot water is the same as always, turning on by turning the knob counter-clockwise. BUT the cold water faucet is now opposite to what it was. I think it turns on clockwise, but I have to try it with each cold water need. Ah.. water...I must have turned the knob the new right way. Now to remember to reverse that direction when I want to shut the cold water valve. OOPS... got another gusher. Must have turned it in the old style. Try again. NOW it's off. Whew....
This has been going on for a week already. You'd think I could have learned the difference by now - right? Nope.

In the bathroom that I call 'mine', the faucet handles are unchanged. But now I'm noticing which way is 'on' and how to get them turned 'off' again. Strange.. it was always automatic before. Now I think about it. What a waste of brainpower, when I could be solving the problems of the universe in the same length of time that I spend thinking about turning water on and off again.

Speaking of the bathroom that's designated 'mine'. As old-age creeps in on little cat feet (like that fog of poetry fame), rising from a sitting position is becoming increasingly difficult. No, I don't have a single twinge of hip or knee pain.. it's just harder to get up. So, I browsed the web, and found A solution. Now I have guard- or guide-rails of tubular metal (aluminum or steel? I don't know) installed on the commode in 'my' bathroom. I neglected to write down the name of this contraption when I found it online, and the order-tracking page does not give it a name, either, so I just call it an 'armchair'-like rail. Go figure.

I am so glad that Canada shared some Cold Air with our geographical area just at the right time to create a perfect weekend hereabouts. Thanks to you - Jet Stream, prevailing winds, or whatever - we are basking in the delightful cool and sunny weekend. Pessimistic TV forecasters warn that this won't last - but maybe they're wrong. Sometimes they have been known to err, you know ! But for our granddaughter's return from her year-long stay in France, I was glad that she didn't have to deplane in a typical July Memphis sauna. Give her enough time to get used to the culture shock before hitting her with humidity too ! Welcome home, Dear granddaughter. We loved your Blogs and pictures of your adventures in France, but we are all exceedingly glad that you're back on this side of The Pond.

Now to return to your regular sponsor.. uh, I mean, return to my recliner and my latest Book Store acqusition - another Evanovich paperback - to read and enjoy while elevating my swollen ankles...just another of those 'old age' goodies that - if you're lucky - you'll hang on long enough to enjoy with me.

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