Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exciting times

How exciting to read the Collierville Herald online early this morning, and find the engagement announcement for granddaughter Emily and fiance Scott! When the print copy comes later on today, the excitement will escalate, I'm sure.

This momentous occasion will be celebrated with the ceremony in our 109-year-old Methodist Church 'on the Square', where hubby and I exchanged our own vows 58.5 years ago. This is the site, too, of four of our five children's weddings. I keep thinking of one of my favorite tune from "Fiddler on the Roof"... "TRADITION". Another favorite is the poignant "Sunrise, Sunset"...'is this the little girl I carried; is this the little boy at play? I don't remember growing older -- when did they?' This one brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

Both of the couple's families attend much larger churches in the metropolitan area, so I was even more pleased and excited when Emily and Scott chose the 'old home church' for their nuptials.

This past week has been full and busy - so what else is new, huh? Finalizing the work on the yearbook for one of the hereditary organizations I belong to, and still working on the quarterly newsletter for the genealogical society of the neighboring county has consumed much of my 'free' time. I managed to read four books, though, in spite of other committments. (Talk about multi-tasking!)

I enjoyed every page of "Return to Sullivan's Island" and will be re-reading "Sullivan's Island" when I find it at the Book Store. Everything Dorothea Benton Frank writes about the low country of South Carolina is a good read, and something I enjoy.

A successful shopping trip with my sister was the icing on the cake the other day. Finding just the right outfit for an upcoming occasion was a feather in both our caps! Fashions these days are not exactly geared to the older women, and if one is not 20-something and pencil slim, the pickin's are usually limited. We ventured in to a 'new-to-us' dress store, and found the styles, ambience and the attractive young clerk all very pleasant.

An interview yesterday with the Town History project coordinator was FUN. My long-time friend and I, who grew up across the street from each other, met with the coordinator, the director who asked the leading questions and the young man from the high school who manned the camera. We are so glad that this project is underway, and that we were included in the list of interviewees chosen to share stories of 'Old Collierville'. The hour went entirely too fast. My friend and I fed off each other as we related stories from our childhood and teen years in the really small town this once was. She would tell about an event which reminded me of another related one of my own. I commented after the interview concluded, that 'we could have talked all day'.

Today will be another fun one, voluntering at the Book Store and then visiting the Farmers Market again for more mouth-watering fresh veggies. I'm looking forward to more of those lucious home-grown tomatoes and sweet corn and whatever else is available.


Liz said...

Did they film you for that interview? Was it with Lou? I would have loved to have listened to you tell those great stories!

Anne's BLOG said...

Yes, one whole hour of filming. And Lou and I were still wound up talking when the film ran out. LOL !

Liz said...

Geez, I just can't imagine you and Lou wound up talking about the good old days!! Tee hee....